4 Mistakes That You Repeat While Cleaning Carpets

Like all other things in our home require cleaning and maintenance the same in case of carpets which get dirty and need cleaning at regular intervals. However, during cleaning carpets, there are several mistakes which you do and cause damage to your carpets. There is a need to choose a professional which offer you with regular carpet cleaning without any kind of mistake in this world, carpets get dirty and they get old. Having your carpet cleaned regularly will help make it last longer, but the day will come when it will have to be replaced. How do you know when that time comes? Here are a few guidelines:

Carpet steam cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Mistakes That Need To Be Avoided To keep Carpets Clean

Rubbing The Stained Area

When it comes to clean the carpets then usually we rub the surface of carpets after using carpet stain removal agent. When any kind of stain occurs on the carpets them make sure that do not rub the stained area. Rubbing can cause tearing of the fabric of carpets and can lead to damage to carpets. In case of stain use sponge on the stained area which helps in soaking of the stains from the carpets. Use sponge will eliminate the stain rather than using a brush on the carpet and helps to absorb the stain on the carpet.

Not Opting Regular Cleaning

There is a need to clean the carpets at regular intervals to keep them safe and prevent damage in them. However, it becomes difficult to deal with dirt and allergens from the carpet if they are accumulated deep in the fabric of carpets. It is due to carpets have been not cleaned at regular intervals. Therefore in that case professional make it necessary to clean the carpets at regular intervals to prevent heavy dirt in the carpet.

Not Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming keeps your carpet clean and eliminates dirt and allergens from the carpets. Carpet vacuuming is the basic step to clean the carpets and keeping them free from dirt and other allergens. Therefore to avoid a mess in the carpets and keep them clean for a long time it is best to give a quick vacuuming daily.

Use Of Incorrect Cleaning Agent

Cleaning carpets with the use of a cleaning agent is not enough. Also, you need to check which cleaning agent you are using to clean the carpets. Sometimes you end up cleaning carpets using the wrong cleaning agent which causes damage to the carpets. Therefore it is important to check the cleaning agent and all the information about it is important to know before any hassle.

professional carpet
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Why Do You Need To Hire Us?

Are you looking for a professional cleaner to clean your dirty carpets? Then you need to contact Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Surfers Paradise provide you with a cleaning specialist who helps in effective cleaning of carpet and provides you with dirt and stain-free carpets. We look after each and everything and provides perfect cleaning without any problem. Wir the use of modern equipment and Eco-friendly cleaning agents we make sure that carpets have been cleaned properly without any hassle. We offer Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services in Adelaide for the customers who are looking for affordable rates. The professional make sure that cleaning agent s that had been used to clean the carpets does not have any kind of side effects.

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Tomato Ketchup Stains From Carpets

Want to get rid of tomato ketchup stains? Then what are you waiting for,  opt for carpet stain removal services provided by professionals. With the help of a professional, it becomes easy to deal with stains and helps them to completely remove from the carpet. For the effective removal of stains from the carpet, the experts had suggested several ways which are mentioned below. In case if you are not aware of it then you can refer to the below-given information.

Tomato Stains Carpets
Carpet Stain Removal

Ways To Get Rid Of Tomato Ketchup Stains From Carpets

  • Use of Baking Soda Solution

    The first method is to make use of baking soda powder which is mixed in hot water.  The solution is then prepared and applied to the stained area. With the help of a brush, it becomes possible to remove the stains completely and deeply from the fabric of carpets. After that, you need to wash the area with water for better results.

  • Use of  Hydrogen Peroxide

    Another method to remove tomato ketchup stain is to make use of hydrogen peroxide solution which is the best carpet stain removal agent. The experts suggest to take 2 spoons of hydrogen peroxide and mixed it in the water along with liquid detergent. After that solution is applied to the stain and allowed to soak for  15 minutes to make. After soaking blot the area with the cloth to remove the stain from the carpet.

  • Use of Lemon Solution

    The next is to opt for the lemon solution that works best and helps in the effective removal of stains from the carpet. The experts suggest using a lemon solution on the stained area for the effective removal of stains from the carpet. After rubbing the lemon solution you need to rinse the area with water. Rinsing is important to make sure that the stain had been removed from the carpet.

  • Liquid Detergent Along with Hot Water

    The next way is to make use of liquid detergent which is directly applied over the stained area. The experts make use of detergent on the carpet and rub it with the help of the brush. After rubbing it with the brush the area is blotted with the help of the cloth. After blotting the experts make sure to use water to clean the stained area and helps in the effective removal of stains.

Tomato Ketchup Stains Carpets
Carpet Stain Removal Services

How Professional Services can Assist You?

It is important to get rid of tomato ketchup stains for the effective look of carpets. For the best removal of stains, you can contact Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning which are the providers of professionals that offer you with Carpet Cleaning Adelaide. Our experts opt for effective ways to get rid of stains and offer you with stain-free carpets. With the use of the best range of products, our experts help in better cleaning of carpets without any hassle. We also provides Carpet Cleaning in Prahran.

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Why Should We Use an Organic Carpet Cleaning Service?


Carpet Cleaning Services


The carpet you are having in your home has to tolerate a lot of abuse such as suffering through trampling, accumulation of dirt throughout the year and various spills of food and drink. When the time for carpet cleaning comes, either taking the help of a professional carpet cleaning service or you need to do it yourself, using of harsh chemicals might not be a good solution for preserving the carpet, the environment as well as your own health. For these reasons, today many people are turning towards greener and eco-friendly alternatives of carpet deep cleaning and carpet stain removal.

Use of organic carpet cleaners will do the same job without having the adverse effects of chemical based cleaners. When these toxic or chemical based carpet cleaners are used; they have a high impact on the physical health and the environment that we live in. No matter how a toxic cleaner is being used, such as poured, sprayed as well as mixed for cleaning, the process of washing and rinsing the carpet are not capable of removing all the toxins from the carpet. When the carpet is disposed of, it highly affects the environment negatively. Here are some of the benefits that green carpet cleaning can have for your family, your home and the earth.

Minimal Release of Toxins

The harsh chemicals used in carpet cleaning often have negative impact on the environment. During the process of carpet cleaning, the harsh chemicals are released into the air. After the process of carpet stain removal, these chemicals are poured, dumped or rinsed down into the drain, where they can be potentially harmful to the water supply.

The major of traditional carpet cleaning mixtures use a long list of harsh chemicals in order to lift the stains out of the carpet that it has tolerate every day. While it can leave your space with beautiful, shiny and clean carpet, the price that the environment need to pay for these toxins can be steep. Eco-friendly carpet cleaners often include certain ingredients that are non-toxic as well as biodegradable. Besides, these pollutants often come in packaging that can be recycled for reducing landfill waste.


Carpet Stain Removal Services


Better Health for your Family

Another side effect of using the chemical carpet cleaners is the potential impact on the on your health as well as your family. The use of noxious chemicals inside the enclosed space of your home often lead to adverse effects among the most vulnerable people such as the babies, pets, people with respiratory problems and toddlers. This is because they spend most of the time breathing near the carpet. Some of the most common symptoms people suffer after breathing in carpet cleaning chemicals include:

  •  Sneezing
  •  Coughing and congestion
  •  Asthma attacks
  •  Nausea and fatigue
  • Headaches and migraines
  •  Irritation in nose, eyes and lungs

To compound the problem, unless you are purchasing carpeting made entirely of organic materials, which is uncommon in most of traditional residential construction, they are made up of synthetic fibres and materials that can easily interact with the carpet cleaning chemicals. This causes detrimental effect to the carpet. Some of the most common types of chemicals found in both the cleaners and the carpets include acids, formaldehyde, pesticides, disinfectants and acetone.

Carpet cleaners having dangerous chemicals often leave a concentrated vapour of toxins in the air that the entire family is going to breath. Even if you are letting your carpet to dry or air out for shorter period will not entirely eliminate these toxic fumes.


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Local Carpet Stain Removal Services


Less Waste Water

Another environmental impact of the Local Carpet Cleaning in Perth that most people fail to consider is the wasted water. Most of the green carpet cleaning methods followed today use less water in the process of carpet deep cleaning.

This has a Few Variety of Benefits:

  • First, using less water means that there is less wastage of water or that has been thrown away after the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Secondly, if the water is less wasted in the process, it will reduce the potential of hazardous chemicals found in the carpet cleaning compounds being dumped or has been poured into the water supply, where they can affect the entire community.
  • Finally, by reducing the volume of water in carpet cleaning means that the carpets would be drying faster. This will help in getting your family back into your home sooner, thereby limiting the opportunity for the growth of mildew or mould.

Extending the Carpet Lifespan

Most of the traditional carpet cleaners can also help in reducing the beauty as well as useful of your carpets. Mixing the harsh chemicals with the synthetic materials of the carpet might lead to visible problems like yellow and brown coloured patches on your carpet. It can also be unseen consequences for your flooring as well. As the chemicals of the cleaners encounters the fibres of the carpet, they can break down the fibres and cause permanent damage to the carpet. With the high cost of removing existing and installation of the new carpet, it makes sense tin using a cleaner that would prolong the life of  your flooring rather than breaking it down, causing it to wear out sooner.

People with allergies and respiratory problems have to suffer due to the chemical cleaners and for them any kind of relief is the most important. The struggles of itchy eyes, stuffy nose and sneezing can be exhausting. Hence, it is important in keeping your living environment clean for better breathing and less allergens flare-ups. Keeping your carpet clean from allergens and dust can make it easier in breathing for those who are suffering from asthma and allergies. Carpet cleaning might seem to be a very small part of an entire environmental strategy. As more and more people begin to change their behaviours, using sustainable materials in different aspects of life, these small changes bring collectively benefit the health of the planet as well as to the people living there.


Professional Carpet Cleaning


To Get the Services on Call

We at Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning, understand the problems faced by your family members who are more sensitive to dust and dirt. We have a team of experts who are capable of handling all types of carpets. We are aware of the harm caused to the environment and hence our carpet cleaning experts use eco-friendly products for cleaning your carpets and maintaining the aesthetics of your home. Our experts will provide you with sustainable and eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips during their visit. To make your experience of carpet cleaning seamless, we provide on time services.

Now Get the Best Service of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets increase the beauty of your home floorings. Most of the people use carpets of their favourite colour and texture but they don’t know how to take proper care of their carpets due to which it makes the carpet damage easily. Your carpets come across many types of stains, odour, germs and other kinds of dust and dirt which should be treated at the correct time. Simple homely methods of cleaning carpets can provide you with temporary results but at the same time if you hire professional carpet cleaning services from the Best Carpet Cleaning Sydney can provide you with awesome results for a long time.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

  • Your sensitive carpets encounter with so many types of stains from your children, loving pets, visitors and other homely activities. And such stains look very bad on the carpets and takes away its beautiful appearance. During such circumstances, hiring professional carpet cleaning solutions would be the right choice to get rid of these problems.
  • When your carpets are kept exposed to water continuously, it can lead to the growth of moulds on it. These can damage your carpet entirely. Besides trying DIY methods, hire the best experts for carpet mould removal solutions.
  • There are chances to spread a lot of germs and bacteria on your carpets when pets walk on the carpet with their dirty feet, small children dropping eateries on the carpet and many more. Regular carpet cleaning is very important to maintain the hygienic condition of your carpet and the health of your family.

Carpet Stain Removal

How to Test the Best Services

To find out which are the top-notch services, you can go through consumer testers made appointments among the four leading firms and have them to clean two rooms of carpet with added Carpet Stain Removal treatment. The tests can be evaluated with their best performance on the given services.

  • Customer service at the time of appointment: You can get the knowledge about the best service when you book the appointment. The way the company’s customer service providers deal with you will help you to choose the best services.
  • Customer in-house experience with the technicians: This depends on how the carpet cleaning technicians provide you with the best service along with good advice to maintain your carpets.
  • How clean the experts got the carpets: This depends upon the perfect carpet cleaning services offered by the pros.

Carpet Cleaning

Contact Us to Get Rid of Your Carpet Issues

Whenever you meet up with carpet problems, you try to choose the best carpet cleaning suppliers. Why don’t you try us? We are the leading company with professional carpet cleaning experts who can definitely provide you with excellent results. Along with that, we will offer you free tips on preventing your carpet from future issues. You can know more about us from the testimonies of the previous customers. It is for sure that we never disappoint our customers and provide them with utmost satisfaction with our impressive works on their carpet.

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Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning is a modern and advanced method to deep clean the carpets and to get rid of dirt, dust and germs as well. Carpet steam cleaning is carried out through hot water injection. Pressurised hot water or steam is made to inject deep within the carpet fibres. This pressurised water is very effective in eradicating all the trapped dirt and debris and also terminates many kinds of pathogens and germs. If your carpets are lacking their original beautiful appearance or they are loaded with dirt and dust. Don’t worry, hire Best Carpet Cleaning Canberra for the best carpet steam cleaning today. We would like to provide you with some benefits of getting your carpets steam cleaned. Keep reading below to know more about carpet steam cleaning and its benefits.

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Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • Carpets can accumulate copious amounts of dirt, hair, dust and mud which can promote the growth of germs and dust mites. Carpet steam cleaning is actually the very best way to get rid of all the dirt from the carpets. It is much more efficient and convenient compared to vacuum cleaning.
  • Stains are a constant problem affecting the carpets. Some stains are very stubborn and can actually contaminate the carpet dangerous germs and pathogens. Carpet steam cleaning is also an effective way to treat all the stains. Old and stubborn stains can also be treated and removed through carpet steam cleaning. Carpet Stain Removal is carried out prior to steam cleaning through commercial products and solvents.
  • Dirty carpets can get affected by black mould, which is actually very dangerous for our health. Mould can cause various diseases and allergies so its advisable to get rid of it. Carpet steam cleaning will take care of carpet mould removal. Professionals will first treat mould with strong chemicals and carpet steam cleaning will get rid of sticky black mould in no time.
  • Dirty and unclean carpets can actually harbour very very dangerous contaminants, pollutants and pathogens. Many bacteria, viruses and parasites can be found lurking inside the dirty carpets. It is very much advisable to get carpet sanitisation carried out by experts. Carpet steam cleaning is actually the very best way to treat and remove all the germs and pathogens from the carpet.

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Professional Assistance

Our company has a renowned name in the field of professional carpet cleaning services. We offer the best and effective carpet steam cleaning service at affordable costs. Our professional carpet cleaners use the latest and heavy industrial steam cleaning machinery for better cleaning results. Hire our company for carpet steam cleaning today and we will deliver it within the same day of hiring.

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No More Heartbreaking Bills! Spend Less on Deep Vacuum With our Expert’s Tips

Worrying about the heavy electricity bills? Whereas regular and deep vacuuming makes your carpet cleaning easy and fast but it become heavy on your bills. Thus, we have contacted the best and experienced industry professionals who all as per their experience, offers the best quality cleaning tips which help in making your carpet look new forever with the less deep vacuuming process. Thus, relive your worries and simply follow the expert tips for regular Carpet Cleaning which helps in making your carpet look clean by retaining its natural beauty.


The Expert Tips to Clean or Maintain the Quality of Your Carpet

  • Wipe off your shoes and feet before entering your place, also helps in keeping your carpets clean for a long time as it helps in removing the direct soil or dirt from your carpets.
  • You can also make use of curtains and blinds to your room it helps in safeguarding your carpet from the harmful sun rays which may affect the quality of your carpet fabric.
  • Get your Carpet Stain Removal free. When a spill or stain happens, get to cleaning it right away. Holding up excessively some time before treating a stain – even a matter of a couple of minutes – can make the stain set, making it harder to get out.


  • Check for the recommendation offered by your carpet manufacturers. Prior to utilizing any cleaning cleansers or arrangements, check the maker’s guidelines for consideration, which can more often than not be found on the carpet’s labels. Neglecting to utilize safe cleaning items could mean for all time harmed upholstery.
  • Utilize a dry brush to evacuate free particles. Go over the whole carpet with a solid brush with characteristic fibres to help release recolors and convey residue and earth to the surface.
  • Vacuum. Prior to scouring and cleaning your carpet, utilize a hand-held vacuum to evacuate pieces and some other free particles. This will make it simpler to recognize and concentrate on troublesome stains when it confesses all.
  • Clean with preparing baking soda. Baking soda isn’t only to prepare – it’s likewise a viable cleaning treatment. Indeed, sprinkling preparing baking soda over the whole carpet will evacuate scents and further extricate stains. You can likewise utilize a natively constructed preparing baking soda answer for any regions of profound set stains; in a bowl, combine equivalent amounts of baking soda and water. For either the dry or wet arrangement, let the baking soda sit for 15 to 20 minutes. When the baking soda has completely assimilated the stain, vacuum it up with a brush connection. Also, similarly as with a wide range of cleaning arrangements, dependably spot treat a test segment of the before carpet cleaning it completely.
  • Call the professionals of Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning, the expert cleaners will conduct the deep cleaning and ensures that your carpet is totally or completely clean from all the dirt.


Why Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

The professionals knew exactly which measure will help in removing the carpet dirt completely in accordance to the quality of your carpet. Other than this, our experts can guide you the best techniques on how to prevent the dirt from your place. Thus, it is better to Contact the Professionals Carpet Cleaning Sydney of Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning.

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If we accidentally spill fruit juice on our carpet,we may want to know how to remove the stain from the carpet; to do this we must be aware that a quick and controlled action can be very useful to avoid major inconveniences in the future.

For this reason, having the necessary knowledge to be able to act in the event that fruit juice is spilled on the surface of our carpet, either at home or in the vehicle, is very importance.



As already mentioned to remove stains from the mats product of fruit juice, we must act quickly by placing a dry paper towel that allows us to absorb the bulk of the amount of fluid spilled.

The following strategy is extremely important and depends on the type of carpet that will get dirty, in other words, it is not recommended to use synthetic ingredients for natural fiber carpets, in addition, if there is any doubt about the cleaning process the ideal thing to do is to call a professional to do it for us.

However, if you wish to clean the fruit juice stains from the mats yourself, spray warm water with a spray on it, then remove the liquid by absorbing it with a clean paper towel, this should be done by applying pressure and not by dragging it off, as it can further spread the unwanted coloring.

In case the stain shows a lot of resistance, a cleaning solution should be generated by adding 1ml of chlorine-free detergent or carpet shampoo into 1 liter of warm water, this should be done in a large container to facilitate mixing.

Before applying this compound to the carpet stain, it should be tested in a small space on the surface of the carpet, then wait for the reaction and check that it does not fade or adversely affect the area, if so, it has to be removed immediately with water to avoid major problems.

If, on the other hand, the mixture proves to be safe, you should spray a little on the remove stain from carpet with a dampened towel and rubbing the surface of the carpet on the mat with the edge of a spoon moving into a spiral to squeeze the liquid on the stain without spreading it.

If the stain on the carpet persists, repeat once or twice the whole procedure, drying it at the end of each time, applying pressure with paper towels each time.

When the stain is finally removed from the mat, to dry it definitively, a clean kitchen towel or paper towel is placed on the carpet, and finally a plastic bag is placed over it to position a heavy object that allows the necessary pressure to be exerted to squeeze the cloths, allowing several hours to pass before removing it, all this process allows any trace of juice to be completely eliminated from the carpet.

completely eliminated Carpet