Choose The Best Carpet Cleaning Company to Clean your Expensive Carpeting

Specializing in Carpet cleaning, Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning is a full service carpet cleaning company serving Clyde area. We are on a mission to raise the bar for quality of work and service in the carpet cleaning industry. Our main objective is to make your carpet and rugs look brand new again. We stand behind all of our work with a 100% guarantee, helping to establish ourselves as the preferred affordable and professional carpet cleaners and make your home carpet healthy and clean.


When you choose Marks Carpet Cleaning Company to clean your carpet , you can guaranteed that:

  1. All our workers have been specially selected for professionalism and courteousness.
  2. We acquire all our products and apparatus straight from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you.
  3. We will never add any hidden fees – the initial quote will be the all-inclusive final price.
  4. We will only use environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning products.
  5. We are fully qualified, fully insured, and fully dedicated to your complete contentment. 

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, simple as that. So whether your carpet problem is big or small, we can help. When you need a carpet cleaner you can count on, count on our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services.

Why should you choose Clyde Carpet Cleaning?

  1. Certified fabric technicians
  2. Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  3. Emergency 24×7 Services
  4. No harmful chemicals used
  5. Process approved by insurance companies
  6. Free estimates available
  7. We can process insurance claims and paperwork
  8. Uniformed staff
  9. Fully licensed and insured
  10. All work guaranteed
  11. Fast drying – only 90 minutes!

Our trained team will clean your carpets thoroughly ensuring every inch is cleaned. We use the latest equipment to clean your carpets, this is done by a hot water extraction method which literally blasts the dirt and grime out of your carpets, and is sucked up through the vacuum part of the machine, leaving a clean and fresh carpet. It is very good for asthma sufferers as it removes dust allergens and mites which a normal vacuum cannot remove.

At Marks Carpet cleaning company in Clyde we use only biodegradable and effective carpet cleaning solutions, when cleaning your carpets. Drying times when cleaning your carpets is dependent on the type of carpets to be cleaned and the age and condition of them.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Spotless Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Find out for yourself why we are the preferred carpet cleaners in Melbourne!



Check Out These Great Carpet Cleaning Tips!

We could all use carpet cleaning tips since cleaning stains from your carpet can be tricky. When you first notice a stain or have spilled something on your carpet, it is best to remove the stain right away.

The #1 carpet cleaning tip is you can remove stains and spills easier when they are treated right away, as opposed to when they have set in to the fibers of your carpet.

Before applying a carpet-cleaning product to your carpet, make sure to test the product in an area of your carpet that will not always be seen.

The test will ensure that the carpet cleaner will not damage or fade your carpet.

After you have applied the carpet cleaning solution, make sure not to rub the stain. You can get rid of the stain or spill on your carpet by working it from outside the stain toward the inside of the stain. This will insure that you do not spread the stain to surrounding areas of your carpet.

Once you have scrubbed the stain, blot the area dry with a clean and dry towel. This is a basic cleaning method for all stains, but here are some carpet cleaning tips on removing specific stains and spills from your carpet.


Acid stains. Substances like drain cleaner and vinegar contain acid that can damage your carpet. Acid spills on your carpet need fast attention. To clean an acid stain, first dilute the stain with a mixture of baking soda and water or club soda. Next, apply a solution of 10 parts water and one part ammonia to the acid stain. Rinse the stain with cold water and let it dry. When the carpet is dry, gently vacuum the once stained area of the carpet.

Alcoholic beverages. If you spill an alcoholic beverage on your carpet, quickly dilute the stain with cold water. Next, try to absorb the excess liquid with a towel. Then mix a solution of 1 tsp of mild detergent, 1 tsp of white vinegar and 1 quart of lukewarm water. Apply the solution to the alcoholic beverage stain and let the carpet dry. When the spot is dry, vacuum the carpet gently.

Blood stains. If you have a blood spot on your carpet, try to soak up as much of the blood as you can. Mix a solution of 1 tsp of mild detergent, 1 tsp of vinegar and 1 quart of warm water. Apply the mixture to the bloodstain and allow the area to dry. Next, apply dry-cleaning fluid to the area, and vacuum the area once the spot is dry.

Butter. If you happen to spill butter on your carpet, try to scrape up as much of the butter as you can. Apply a dry-cleaning fluid to the area and then allow the carpet to dry.

If the butter stain remains on the area of carpet, repeat the procedure and vacuum gently once the area has dried.

Candle wax. Getting candle wax out of your carpet can be difficult. To remove wax from carpet, get and ice cube and press it on the affected area.

Pretty soon, the candle wax will start to harden. When the candle wax has hardened, the wax can then be pulled off the carpet.

Chewing gum. If you happen to get chewing gum on your carpet, you can harden the chewing gum with an ice cube. Press the ice cube against the chewing gum until it hardens. When the chewing gum hardens, the gum can be pulled from the carpet.

Chocolate. If you get a chocolate stain on your carpet, try to scrape as much chocolate from the carpet as you can immediately. Create a mixture of 1 teaspoon of mild detergent, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 quart of warm water. Apply the solution to the area and rinse with cold water. When the area is dry, vacuum the carpet gently.

Coffee. When you spill coffee on your carpet, blot the spot without delay. Apply a solution of mild detergent, vinegar and warm water to the coffee stain and let it dry. Once the area is dry, apply a dry-cleaning fluid to the area. When the carpeting area is dry, vacuum the carpet.

Crayon. Start by scraping away any excess crayon. You can also get rid of the crayon by applying a blotter over the crayon and then press it with a warm iron until the blotter soak up the melted crayon. Make sure to move the blotter frequently to prevent it from becoming over saturated. Once you have done this, apply a dry cleaning fluid to the area and allow it to dry. Once the carpet area is dry, vacuum gently.

Mud. Let the mud on the carpet to dry fully and then scrap of as much as possible. Mix a solution of white vinegar, mild detergent and warm water and then apply to the affected area. Let the carpet area dry. If the mud stain is still on the carpet, apply a dry cleaning fluid to the stain and blot the area dry. Allow the area to dry and vacuum gently.


Soft drinks. The dyes in soft drinks can lastingly stain your carpet if the spill is not cleaned up quickly. Start by blotting up the spilled soft drink. Then mix a solution of detergent, warm water and white vinegar and apply the solution to the spill. Let the carpet dried out. If the stain still remains on the carpet, repeat the procedure and vacuum the carpet after the area is dry.

Urine. Mix together 1 teaspoon of mild detergent, 1 quart of warm water and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. Apply the mixture of solution to the affected carpet area. Repeat the procedure until the urine stain is removed. Once the area is dry, vacuum the area gently.

Vomit. Immediately start by blotting as much of the vomit as possible. Then continue by diluting the spot with a mixture of baking soda and water or club soda. Next, apply a solution of 10 parts water and one part ammonia to the spot. Rinse the area with cold water and let it dry. Once the area is dry, vacuum the carpet.

Wine. When red wine is spilled on your carpet, dilute the stain with white wine. Once you have diluted the stain, clean the area with cold water and cover it with table salt. When about 10 minutes and then vacuum up the salt.

For more info about carpet stains, contact Carpet Cleaning Adelaide professionals.

Difference between Professional Cleaning and DIY Methods

While everyone knows deep cleaning is recommended for carpets in every 4 to 6 months, the question which baffles most homeowners is whether they should do it themselves or hire Cheap Carpet Cleaning Sydney. As leaders in the carpet restoration industry, we have invested heavily in understanding the science of stain removal and how to clean a carpet effectively. Our today’s article highlights the differences between professional cleaning and DIY cleaning methods. Read on and decide for yourself which one to choose.

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DIY or “Do It Yourself” Tricks

First of all, cleaning a carpet by yourself requires hefty investment in high grade machinery. The most efficient carpet treatment is steam cleaning method. It shoots warm water solution at high pressure on the carpet to clear out contaminants. Although steam cleaning machines are costly, you can try to rent a low quality one if available in your area.

Another popular DIY method is water vacuuming. As the name suggests, you rinse the entire carpeting with large amount of soap water and then suck it up using a vacuum cleaner. However, it involves high risk of the carpet not drying properly and growth of mould and mildew. In addition to that, vacuuming does not remove intact soap residue from carpeting.

Buying or even renting a proper cleaning and drying equipment can prove to be very costly, especially in terms of your precious time. You will have to make your own carpet solution, rent and bring home the equipment and tools, shift the furniture, actually clean the carpet, and rent dehumidifiers to dry it. Moreover, sometimes you also have to get down and scrub tough stains yourself.

Lastly, there is always a risk of messing up the job and ruining your entire carpeting due to lack of required skills and knowledge.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning technicians use non-toxic solutions after careful consideration of your carpet fabric and its age. They remove tough stains gently and naturally from the carpet surface by either shooting high pressure water or by forming a fizzy froth. The services of a Carpet Cleaning Artarmon require less than 25% of water used in DIY methods and leave absolutely no residue. Their drying tools are also up to the mark with industrial vacuum cleaners, air movers, and multiple dehumidifiers.

Professional carpet technicians use high grade steam cleaning machines that are more effective in controlling the heat levels and discharging it. These machines are able to guarantee a cleaner and healthier carpet than any DIY method.

The cost of professional cleaning services is at par with that of DIY methods when you consider the cost of renting equipment and risk of damaging the carpet. That’s why it is worth paying a few more bucks to hire a professional technician. In the long run, it saves both time and money.

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Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning has a team of highly trained technicians with more than 20 years of experience and certification from IICRC to deliver carpet cleaning services. We offer professional cleaning for all types of carpets and rugs. Our experts treat every carpet carefully using a wide range of industrial tools and equipment, providing a quality of service which no other company can offer. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote for our services. You can also get in touch with our experts by filling out the small contact form on the right side of your screen. Our team will get back to you in no time at all.

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General Guide to Basic Carpet Stain Removal

If you wish to keep an appropriately cleaned and maintained carpet, it is important to vacuum it regularly. However, sometimes you will encounter stains and spots beyond the care of basic maintenance. Therefore, it is important to either know how to get rid of carpet stains and spots yourself or has one of Adelaide carpet cleaners on call that can clean these stains up for you.

The first and foremost thing to remember in the event of a spill is to act quickly. Most carpets today come with stain-resistant treatments, if your carpet is fairly new, within 1 to 2 years old most common stains should come right up, that is of course, if it was properly protected with its factory scotch guard carpet protectant.


Be Quick to Remove Stain Residue

If you can get to the stain right away with the proper carpet cleaning equipment, chances are the stains will come out easily. However, if you haven’t had your carpet re-protected, you may have some issues cleaning up the stains.

First things first, the longer the delay, the more permanent the damage and the stain will be. As of the present, there are no real stain proof carpets out on the market.

If you have a liquid stain, like from ballpoint ink, coffee, mustard, wine, blood, or bodily fluids, be sure to blot it, and not rub it in or spread it around. See our blood stain removal guide here.

Using paper or cloth towels take away the liquid and then rinse the spot with water and blot until dry. Repeat if necessary but avoid scrubbing the area, as it would set the stain in, move it around and possibly damage the carpet.


Semi Solid Stain Removal

For semi solid stains, such as chocolate, gum, tomato sauce, or for candle wax stain removal, use a spoon or your hands to quickly scoop out the soil and then rinse and blot as if it were a wet stain.

However, if it hardens and is dry, simply break it up and vacuum the affected area, then use the wet and blot method again. An alternative to the wet and blot method is to use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to give the carpet a deep clean.

Using this method would require more equipment on hand but in the end might get rid of a stain more permanently and prevent carpet damage.

If you’re in doubt about which direction to take, please call either our Carpet Cleaning Adelaide our tech will be happy to assist you.

A cleaning solvent might also be used in conjunction with any of these methods.

Simply apply it to the cloth or paper towel and then start from the outside of the stain towards the center, and then rinse and blot as with the other methods. However, you must be sure to extract all the solvents and rinse extra times if necessary, remembering to dry it at the end.

For those mistakes that cause a lasting mark on your carpet if not properly treated.

You can also try our site for some more stain removal advice and tips they will be quite helpful.

Now Get the Best Service of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets increase the beauty of your home floorings. Most of the people use carpets of their favourite colour and texture but they don’t know how to take proper care of their carpets due to which it makes the carpet damage easily. Your carpets come across many types of stains, odour, germs and other kinds of dust and dirt which should be treated at the correct time. Simple homely methods of cleaning carpets can provide you with temporary results but at the same time if you hire professional carpet cleaning services from the Best Carpet Cleaning Sydney can provide you with awesome results for a long time.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

  • Your sensitive carpets encounter with so many types of stains from your children, loving pets, visitors and other homely activities. And such stains look very bad on the carpets and takes away its beautiful appearance. During such circumstances, hiring professional carpet cleaning solutions would be the right choice to get rid of these problems.
  • When your carpets are kept exposed to water continuously, it can lead to the growth of moulds on it. These can damage your carpet entirely. Besides trying DIY methods, hire the best experts for carpet mould removal solutions.
  • There are chances to spread a lot of germs and bacteria on your carpets when pets walk on the carpet with their dirty feet, small children dropping eateries on the carpet and many more. Regular carpet cleaning is very important to maintain the hygienic condition of your carpet and the health of your family.

Carpet Stain Removal

How to Test the Best Services

To find out which are the top-notch services, you can go through consumer testers made appointments among the four leading firms and have them to clean two rooms of carpet with added Carpet Stain Removal treatment. The tests can be evaluated with their best performance on the given services.

  • Customer service at the time of appointment: You can get the knowledge about the best service when you book the appointment. The way the company’s customer service providers deal with you will help you to choose the best services.
  • Customer in-house experience with the technicians: This depends on how the carpet cleaning technicians provide you with the best service along with good advice to maintain your carpets.
  • How clean the experts got the carpets: This depends upon the perfect carpet cleaning services offered by the pros.

Carpet Cleaning

Contact Us to Get Rid of Your Carpet Issues

Whenever you meet up with carpet problems, you try to choose the best carpet cleaning suppliers. Why don’t you try us? We are the leading company with professional carpet cleaning experts who can definitely provide you with excellent results. Along with that, we will offer you free tips on preventing your carpet from future issues. You can know more about us from the testimonies of the previous customers. It is for sure that we never disappoint our customers and provide them with utmost satisfaction with our impressive works on their carpet.

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Why let the bugs bite when you can kick them out at ease? 

Bed bugs are known as the tiny insects which are known to be smaller in size than the size of the seed of the apple. The bed bugs are reddish brown in color and have flattened oval bodies.  The adult bed bugs usually measure up to 0.2-inches in length and the nymphs are known to be even smaller as well as comparable to the size of the pinhead. You may not want the bed bugs to bite you instead kick them out of your house easily. Here are some of the things which may help you to kick out the bed bugs out of your house and suggested by the Pest Control Melbourne experts. 

What Are The Signs Of Bites of Bed Bug?

The major key for not letting the bed bugs to get better of you is to identify the bites and nips the infestation in the bud. Here are some of the key signs suggested by Bed Bugs Pest Control experts who would show if a bed bug is biting you are not: 

  • The bites of the bed bugs are itchy, reddish, and inflamed wheals on the skin. 
  • The bites of the bed bug can also occur at any place of the body and usually concentrate on lower legs, arms, and upper torso as well as other body parts that are exposed. 
  • Bed bugs can also be extremely itchy and in case they are scratches which can lead to the blisters of filled pus. 
  • The bites of the bed bugs usually not cause any type of disease but they can be enough annoying that it can disturb your sleep. 

Signs of Activity of Bed Bug 

You may also see the signs of the activity of bed bugs around the areas of sleeping such as dark fecal matter, shells and discarded exoskeleton around the mattress, corner of bed, cracks and crevices of wall and behind the furniture. 

What to Do In Case of Infestation? 

The expert Pest Control Canberra services have suggested the following tips to use for controlling the infestation of the bed bugs in your house. 

  • Discarding infested items in the plastic bags and labeling the items as infested. This will also stop the unsuspection of the people to pick items. 
  • Thoroughly vacuum your house including the rugs, sofa and behind the furniture and dispose the vacuum bags outside the house. 
  • Placing all the comforters, bedding, mattresses and linen in extremely hot water for killing eggs and the larvae of the bed bugs and dry the items in the highest setting of heat. 
  • Washing all the clothes in the highest setting
  • Removing and repairing torn as well as old wallpaper
  • Eliminating the clutter for reducing the places to hide for bed bugs 
  • Not purchasing furniture until the bed bug pest control method completely eliminates the bed bugs.

Hire Professional for help

The experts from the Spotless Pest Control could help you in eliminating all the harmful pests as they can be dangerous for your house. We have been in the business of providing the pest control services to our customers from many years and getting all the successful results of the services for eliminating these irritating pests from your house.

Source:-  Know How Fleas And Ticks Can Be Dangerous For Pet Business Owners

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning is a modern and advanced method to deep clean the carpets and to get rid of dirt, dust and germs as well. Carpet steam cleaning is carried out through hot water injection. Pressurised hot water or steam is made to inject deep within the carpet fibres. This pressurised water is very effective in eradicating all the trapped dirt and debris and also terminates many kinds of pathogens and germs. If your carpets are lacking their original beautiful appearance or they are loaded with dirt and dust. Don’t worry, hire Best Carpet Cleaning Canberra for the best carpet steam cleaning today. We would like to provide you with some benefits of getting your carpets steam cleaned. Keep reading below to know more about carpet steam cleaning and its benefits.

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Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • Carpets can accumulate copious amounts of dirt, hair, dust and mud which can promote the growth of germs and dust mites. Carpet steam cleaning is actually the very best way to get rid of all the dirt from the carpets. It is much more efficient and convenient compared to vacuum cleaning.
  • Stains are a constant problem affecting the carpets. Some stains are very stubborn and can actually contaminate the carpet dangerous germs and pathogens. Carpet steam cleaning is also an effective way to treat all the stains. Old and stubborn stains can also be treated and removed through carpet steam cleaning. Carpet Stain Removal is carried out prior to steam cleaning through commercial products and solvents.
  • Dirty carpets can get affected by black mould, which is actually very dangerous for our health. Mould can cause various diseases and allergies so its advisable to get rid of it. Carpet steam cleaning will take care of carpet mould removal. Professionals will first treat mould with strong chemicals and carpet steam cleaning will get rid of sticky black mould in no time.
  • Dirty and unclean carpets can actually harbour very very dangerous contaminants, pollutants and pathogens. Many bacteria, viruses and parasites can be found lurking inside the dirty carpets. It is very much advisable to get carpet sanitisation carried out by experts. Carpet steam cleaning is actually the very best way to treat and remove all the germs and pathogens from the carpet.

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Professional Assistance

Our company has a renowned name in the field of professional carpet cleaning services. We offer the best and effective carpet steam cleaning service at affordable costs. Our professional carpet cleaners use the latest and heavy industrial steam cleaning machinery for better cleaning results. Hire our company for carpet steam cleaning today and we will deliver it within the same day of hiring.

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